"This is a great routine which at the same time will empower your audience. If you are a Mentalist looking for something special I highly recommend this"
 Luca Volpe

Basic Set: $10


Not only solid and fun new options in Mentalism but also a moment of reflection and psychological beauty

Imagine showing your participant a list of several different ideas and habits to have wellness in life. He can choose anyone, and still you can create fantastic moment of mysterious connection, reading minds or predicting thoughts.

Daily Inspiration is a new piece of Mentalism that you can carry anytime and perform anywhere. Several different possible effects and possibilities.

Emotional Mentalism that packs flat and inherently impacts deeply, using the mysterious phenomena as a mean to arrive to the interesting and meaningful moment.

Very simple to do
No language restriction
Natural and realistic  
No difficult memorization
No cribs
Your participant has free choices
No anagrams
Several different possibilities

In the Basic Set you will get the eBook and needed graphics so you can perform it today using your phone. 

In the Expanded Set you will receive not only the digital content but also the physical graphics you can keep in your wallet , a FREE 2 Way MultiVelvet Bag and FREE Worldwide Shipping

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